Philip Morris in Turkey

Philip Morris International functions as two companies in domestic tobacco business in Turkey. Philip Morris International and Sabancı Holding established a joint venture in 1991 where the distribution of shares are 25% Sabancı Holding and 75% Philip Morris International.


PHILSA – Philip Morris Sabancı Sigara ve Tütüncülük Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

PHILSA, our operations company, located in İzmir Torbalı manufactures premium cigarettes since 1993.

Number of Employees : 700

Average Age of Employees : 35

Average Seniority : 7 years

Functions : Production, Engineering, Operations Services, Manufacturing Services, Environmental – Health, Safety&Security, Human Resources, Information Systems, Community Relations, Finance

Selection Procedures : Competency based interviewing

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Philip Morris Sabancı Pazarlama ve Satış A.Ş.

PHILIP MORRIS SA, headquarter being in İstanbul carries out the sales and distribution activities of the premium cigarettes though 8 district centers throughout Turkey since 1994.

Number of Employees : 803

Average Age of Employees : 33

Average Seniority : 6,5 years

Functions : Sales & Distribution, Finance, Administration and Information Systems, Marketing, Human Resources, Law, Corporate Affairs, Business Development & Planning

Selection Procedure : Competency based interviewing

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